I recently updated the"About Me" portion of my shop. It now says,

" I'm Jessica and I love all things handmade! Whether clothes, home decor, accessories or food I love the time and love put into things handmade and that is what I am dedicating this little shop to! Thanks for stopping by!" 

Anything made with someones efforts, heart and hands are always more special to me because it takes time. And in today's culture it seems that time is lacking. But maybe, we really just need to make more time for the things that matter, for special moments, for the people that we love and even for people that we want to get to know.

I love the way that time seems to move slower when we do. It seems that the moments are sweeter, relationships are deeper and the meals are more appreciated and gratifying. 

I know I'm a little late but this is my New Year's goal! It is to use my hands more. to make more things rather than purchasing them, to take the time to gift things that are meaningful and to live slow and simply. Anybody else? 

Have a great day,